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The popular board game pitting two armies of the future against one another in quick, tactical combat, is coming soon to Steam!

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Welcome to the front line Commander!

Thank you for joining us in the early alpha phase of Ars Victor Online! Your feedback will be crucial to the success of the mission and will help shape the direction of development.

Our game will be distributed on Steam. If you don’t already have Steam installed, go to Steam's website and click the big blue "Install Steam" button. Create your Steam account when you are prompted and log in.

Don't have your Steam key yet? Click below to get yours now. We're still looking for more playtesters!

Join the Private Alpha Now!

Activating your Steam Key

To activate your Steam key, go to the Games menu at the top of the Steam client and choose “Activate a Product on Steam…” Follow the instructions and enter the Steam Key when prompted.

(On Mac, the Games menu is at the top of your screen)

Once activated, Ars Victor will now show up in your games library. Begin the installation!

Switching to the Alpha Branch

We’d really like your help in testing our most recent builds of the game, so we’d like you to switch over to the alpha branch. The alpha branch is being updated several times a week with the latest features and hotfixes, and your feedback from playing the latest alpha will help us find the bugs quicker and release new features sooner.

In the Steam client, click on the Library tab. You should see Ars Victor listed on the left side of the screen. Right click on Ars Victor and choose Properties.

Click on the BETAS tab and choose “alpha” from the drop-down menu.

You should now see the word [alpha] next to Ars Victor Digital in the Library tab’s game list. You’re ready to join the battlefield!

First things first! Set your player name on the Profile tab on the main menu screen.

Brand New to Ars Victor?

Ars Victor Digital is an adaptation of the board game Ars Victor. A comprehensive rulebook explaining the entire game is available to read (ignore sections 2.2 and 2.3). If you are already in-game, you can hit Escape and choose Help to consult a quick reference sheet that has info on the special abilities and terrain stats.

We've also got a very brief video that goes over the UI components and the basic gameplay to help get you started.

Playing a Single Player Game

There are two ways to play a single player game against the AI.

  • Battle vs Computer - This mode will get you right into the game! Play against the AI using random armies and a random map. Just click the button on the main menu to get started.
  • Pre-designed Missions - These missions get you onto the battlefield using specific armies and tile layouts. The mission numbers correspond to the ones in the Ars Victor Rulebook.

To play these missions, click the Ars Victor Logo in the top-left of the main menu. Ignore all the stuff on the right side under AI. Make sure the Local button is selected. Choose any of the missions from the dropdown menu under the Start Battle section. You may also begin a random battle this way.

Playing a MultiPlayer Game

At this moment, there is no in-game matchmaking, and no in-game chat or voice communication available. You will need to coordinate with your opponent outside of the game for now. You can always use one of the voice channels on our Discord server.

To play a game of Ars Victor against another human player, start by clicking on the Ars Victor Logo in the top-left of the main menu. If you are the Host, select the Host button and choose a scenario from the Setup dropdown menu. You will also need to select a Room from the dropdown menu. Tell your opponent what Room you are joining and then click Go. When the game beings, the Host will go first.

To join someone else’s game, start by clicking on the Ars Victor Logo. Then choose the Join button and select the room from the Room drop-down menu that you got from the host. Click Go to join the battlefield!


We need your feedback! To help make this the best game possible, we will be relying on the honest feedback from you, The Ars Victory Community! When posting online please be concise and mention what version of the game you are running(the version can be seen in the top right-hand corner of the screen). Here are some ways for you to reach out to us with your comments, suggestions, and bugs:
  • Discord - Please consider joining our Discord Server. Drop us a line in the #arsvictor channel, get help with a game problem, or find an opponent to challenge!
  • Steam Forums- We monitor our Steam Forums and we encourage the community to make use of them! Please use the Bug Reporting forum for bugs and crashes, and use the General Discussions forum for all other feedback and suggestions.
  • Email- If you’d prefer to send us an email, you can reach us at

You Found a Bug!

If you discover a bug in the latest alpha or you experience a game crash, sending us your log file will greatly help our ability to quash new problems as quickly as possible. Screenshots are also a big help. The file we’re looking for is called Player.log. The file is stored in a unique directory based on your operating system and username.

Get us this file along with a description of your bug including:
  • the situation before the bug happened
  • the actual bug
  • what either player can or cannot do after the bug
  • what version of the game you’re playing(top right corner)
  • any screenshots you have taken
You’ll need to use Discord or Email to get us these files for now. We appreciate your help and your assistance!