We’ve got some interest generated in this but no one is willing to suggest a time. I don’t want to put this off any longer so starting next week we’re going to start the official playtesting. The schedule for next week will be:

Monday October 30, 6pm-9pm PDT (9pm-12am EDT)

Thursday November 2, 6pm-9pm PDT (9pm-12am EDT)

I will be logged into Tabletop Simulator putting together people for games that are not already matched up. Please join the Steam group and message me(Sobchak) and I’ll get ya all set up.

And just to sweeten the pot a little bit: anyone who participates in a playtesting event will get a free Ars Victor First Wave Promo Pack that features 4 additional units not included in the Limited Edition.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to gaming with yall next week!