Time for more playtesting! Thanks to everyone who made it out last week. We’re going to be doing the same thing for this week. After our sessions, we’ll be posting our results in this thread so everyone can make comments and suggestions about gameplay, unit design, etc. Our scheduled play times this week will be:

Monday, November 6, 6pm-9pm PST(9pm-12am EST)

Thursday, November 9, 6pm-9pm PST(9pm-12am EST)

All you have to do to participate is show up! We’ll be using Tabletop Simulator on Steam to play the game and Teamspeak for voice communication, both of which we can provide links for. You will need to download Steam and then join our playtesting group. When the time comes, right-click on the group in your friends list and join the chat. My alias is Sobchak and I’ll be running the show again. Plus, anyone who participates in a game will get some free IRL Ars Victor units!!!

For Monday night’s session, Mike Bott(Warmfuzzyone), co-founder and co-creator of the game will be in attendance to play a few games and answer any questions the community may have about Ars Victor. For Thursday night’s session, Ars Victor developer and creator Stephen DeBaun will aslo be joining us. Now’s the time to pick the brain of the creator and try to beat him at his own game!

Thanks again everyone and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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