New Year, New Armies to playtest! We’re back and starting up our playtesting event series for Ars Victor. This weekend we’ll be continuing with testing of the 2 new armies being added to Ars Victor: The Hive and The Machines Armies. In addition to hosting playtesting events, we’ll now be LIVE STREAMING the main table over on our Twitch channel. With Mike and Steve both joining us for this event, this will be your chance to see the creators play the game and to poke their brains about whatever is on your mind.

Here’s the details for this event:

Date: Saturday, February 3, 2018, at 1PM EST (10AM PST, 1800GMT)

I just wanna watch: Load up the Twitch channel at the time above.

I’M A REAL COMMANDER, I WANNA PLAY: All you have to do to participate is show up! We’ll be using Tabletop Simulator on Steam to play the game and using Discord for voice chat. We’ll be able to help you from there. Please consider joining our playtesting group on Steam to keep up with our latest playtesting schedule and announcements.

AND THE PRIZES – anyone who participates in a game will get some free IRL Ars Victor units!

Thanks again everyone and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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